Photo learning

forced Canon M50 to take this…my first reasonable shot of the moon.
j.cuyler 1-5-2020

I have loved playing with cameras since – well – Polaroid. I never ended up finishing a photography class to learn how to really use my film camera. But, that didn’t stop me from taking some fun shots. For a while I had a Canon PowerShot. I loved that little camera. I tried a Canon Rebel EOS. It is very heavy and they came out with a version with video the next year. No big deal, except I wanted to take videos, too.

Soon, I got a phone with a pretty good camera for taking snap shots – my first smart phone was a Samsung. There were some pretty cool features for playing with photos on that phone. I’ve had several iPhones and pretty much switched over to taking photos primarily with my phone.

Then, I started using the Canon M50. I have barely any idea what I am doing. But, I love it so much. Taking photos is just so fun for me. If you would like to see what I’m up to now, click here to see some of my favorites from the 300+ images I shot today.

Playing – snap shots

Phone photos

Yesterday, played with settings I’ve never tried while making phone photos.

Today, I played with a Canon M50 camera, just for 10 minutes. In the house, trying out manual settings. Digital photography is still a mystery to me.

Everyday, a little creative treat to keep me going. Sometimes, I even get an hour or more to play and have fun.